About Common Ground Farm

We are a family farm, growing certified organic vegetables 365 days a year in Elgin County.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide families in Southwestern Ontario with delicious, healthy vegetables that are grown using sustainable and regenerative practices.

    As a certified organic farm, we are committed to leaving the land in a better condition than we found it. We grow a variety of vegetables on 18 acres of our 40-acre farm, using crop rotation, cover crops, and natural buffers to nourish the soil and protect the environment. Our greenhouse and unheated structures allow us to extend the growing season and provide fresh produce all year round.

    As we grow, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through the use of solar energy and electric vehicles. In 2022, we purchased an electric delivery van and are working on plans for our first solar installation and biomass heating system. Our goal is to create a thriving, sustainable farm that supports the local community and protects the environment.

    How we get it done

    To grow the quantity of food that we do, we rely on a dedicated team of people who are passionate about the land and the nourishment it provides.

    Our full-time, year-round team consists of 5 people, and we also rely on seasonal workers to help us during the main growing season. You may see some of our team members at the market stalls on weekends. We are committed to cultivating a strong, knowledgeable team that is dedicated to producing high-quality, sustainable produce.

    How it started

    Hi! I'm Chris.

    I was inspired to start farming while living in Ottawa and raising a young family. I wanted to focus on creating nutritious meals to share around the family table. I started with a small family garden in an urban backyard, but eventually set my sights on acquiring more land and growing all of our own food. As the farming operation grew, I became increasingly interested in sharing the abundance of fresh produce we were producing with others beyond my own family.

    In order to pursue my dream of starting a farm, I made the decision to move back home to St. Thomas. I'm drawn to the fertile soil and rich agricultural heritage of the area, and saw it as the perfect place to establish our farm and grow fresh, high-quality produce for the local community.

    We are committed to using sustainable & regenerative farming practices and we're excited to be able to contribute to the local food system in a meaningful way.

    Our Community Partners

    We are so proud to be connected to many members of our local food industry! Please patronize these establishments; they are fully committed to supplying you with high-quality, local food in their menus!

    Giving Back

    In 2022, we were able to donate over $30,000 worth of vegetables to local community groups in order to support those in need and promote access to fresh, healthy food. We believe that everyone should have access to nourishing meals, and are proud to be able to contribute to organizations that provide resources and assistance to members of our community.

    • Chris DeVries


      My name is Chris DeVries. Having studied at Waterloo and lived for a time in Ottawa, I’m thrilled to return to my hometown and to be in my 10th year farming. My wife and I have 3 children, and we have chickens and dogs on a beautiful 40 acre property just outside of St. Thomas. Our kids work seasonally on the farm; you will often see them running our market stands or helping out at CSA pickups.

    • Michael Hoke

      Full-Time Farmer

      Raised in the country, my family was closely connected to the land, growing and preserving most of the vegetables we needed for the year. I met Chris in the spring of 2014 at a farmer’s market where he convinced me to try a bag of Common Ground greens. I was so impressed by the amazing flavour and freshness that I wanted both to know where he got the seeds, and to come and see the place that grew it! After a quick farm tour midsummer, I knew I wanted to get involved. My opportunity came at the end of August that year when the farm needed some extra help. Ever since then being part of an awesome team sustainably producing nutritious food for our csa members and the wider local community has been the joy of my existence.

    • Kristen Clark

      Full-Time Farmer

      I have had the good fortune to have led an adventurous, nomadic lifestyle romping around Alberta and BC for 25 years working environmental, agricultural and wildlife contracts with an additional decade as a massage therapist. It became evident that although I love physical work, I dearly missed all things green and beautiful and was fortunate enough to land in the thriving fields of this wonderful Common Ground Community.I am forever drawn to the earth and her treasures….and it is an honour to be part of a family providing healing food sustainably that nourishes our body, mind and soul.Do drop by our markets to say hello, try our scrumptious veggies …. and we’ll talk dirt!

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    Find us at
    Western Fair Market London, Ontario

    Dundas St. East at Ontario St.
    All Year Long!
    Saturdays 8am to 3pm
    Sundays 10am to 2pm

    Common Ground Farm

    6986 Middle River Road, St. Thomas, ON

    Open for pre-order pickup at the farm!

    Saturdays 7-2 all year
    Kitchener Market

    300 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2G 2L3

    Home Delivery

    We deliver to London, St.Thomas, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge and surrounding areas. Timing depends on the season, please see our "shares" section for more info.

    Behind the Scenes - Winter harvest at Common Ground Farm